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東京オフィス     MoldBreaking,Inc.

設立      2014 年10月03日

資本金     2000万円

業務内容    動画広告領域全般におけるプロモーション・マーケティング業務
代表取締役   郭 兮若

住所      〒114-0012 東京都北区田端新町3-7-6中田第3ビルB1F

電話      03-6807-6989

ファックス      03-6807-6982

上海オフィス  上海摩柯广告伝媒有限公司

業務内容    ブランディング企画&実行

資本金     1000万人民元

設立      2015年07月16日

住所      上海市長寧区凯旋路369号龙之梦雅仕大厦19階

電話      021-3166-0897

香港オフィス  OIiO Pictures Co.,Limited

業務内容    デジタル動画コンテンツの案件投資

住所      香港九龙旺角道33号凯图发展大厦7楼04室


 " Japan to the world."

We plane, produce and distribute the original seven short film series continuously. Because, there are so many unique resource in Japan, but most of them are consumed only domestically. Therefore, we share to the world. In order to make new collaboration, business model and intercultural communications. MoldBreaking, Inc. provide a exciting encounter with Japan by power of film.   

Traveling every 47 preference  in Japan.
Deep dive in to Japanese fashion cultures.
colorful worldwide cooking. Corroboration with DOUGUO app
Japanese film director DAICHI OKA's romantic comedy in Tokyo.
Interview to the Japanese top leaders in various fields.
Japan made pride focused on Japanese craftsmanship.

"Over the screen. "

We do organize an events, world MCN summits. This event contains movie preview and talk sessions by top professional of creative and business fields. World MCN summits is also filmed to share the valuable knowledge throw the movie contents. Communication, discussion and information form this event  will stimulate  the people involved and the viewer to next steps.